We work closely with our clients to identify and implement innovative and cost-effective enhancements to business operations. Our solutions pay for themselves through gains in productivity and immediate cost savings.


We help you build a strong brand identity and utilize new marketing tools to efficiently reach customers and grow your business. Develop a strong online presence through coordinated use of the internet and social media platforms.


Business planning is an important process for any startup or business launching a new product or service – it is your roadmap to success. We use the latest innovative planning methods and techniques to produce realistic and practical business plans.

What We Do

Tech-Options is 
a business technology and management consulting firm formed to help small businesses leverage technology to improve productivity, gain a competitive edge, and enhance customer service. Services include business technology implementation, branding and identity design, website development and hosting, business planning, and growth strategies.

Improve Productivity
Gain a Competitive Advantage

Enhance Customer Service

Web Design & Hosting
Branding & Identity
Social Media
Brochure Design
Marketing Tools

Business Models
New Product Innovation
Business Plans

Process Improvement
Mobile Automation
Cloud Computing
Business Tools
Technology Mentoring

“Every organization needs one core competence - innovation.”

– Peter Drucker

“Ideas are only as good as your ability to make them happen.”

– Thinking with Hexagons Book

“Without good design it is easy to miss the point”

– Bjarni Wark 

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci


We will work extremely hard to craft solutions that are as simple as possible to implement, thereby increasing end-user engagement, the probability of success, and return on investment.  We are committed to the following guiding principles: honesty, professionalism, attention to detail, simplicity in design, and clarity in communications.

We Help You Target
the Right Technology

One of the most complex challenges businesses face is keeping up with the ever evolving technology landscape. Identifying, selecting and implementing technology-based solutions is challenging considering the many options that are available. The returns, however, are substantial.